Diving in Rummu lake & underwater prison


Diving in Rummu lake

  • Depths near the underwater buildings are between 5-10m and at the other side of the lake where is sunken forest (3-4m high trees underwater) maximum depth is 13m.
  • Visibility is the best when temperature in the lake is equal in the bottom and on the surface. This means that the best time to dive in Rummu is winter or mid summer. But still you can reasonable visibility throughout the diving season
  • Temperature in mid summer goes up to 22C! (Down to 10m depth)

Why to dive with Barrakuuda

  • We get you all the permissions you need to enter the lakeside territory
  • We show you the best places to enter the water and make you safety and overall briefings
  • Diving guide who knows every hole, tree and building underwater can join your group to make dives safer and more fun
  • We provide you all the equipment needed to get in the water. Various size tanks, suits, regulators etc are available.
  • We will fill your empty tanks and store your equipment overnight in the rooms of Barrakuuda Diving Center
  • We can organize your transfer from the Pirita Top Spa hotel to the Rummu lake and back. There is space for the diving equipment as well

Come and dive in Rummu and take your non-diving friends with you. There is plenty to see at the land and beacause of the good visibility you can do some awsome snorkeling above the underwater buildings. Rummu is not the only reason why to dive near Tallinn. We have standing next to the hotel and diving center fast RIB boat, what can take you to the shipwrecks from I-st and II-nd WW. Depths from 5 to 60m and more than 15 historical wrecks to explore.

You really want to enjoy the Estonian pure nature then you should head to Saaremaa where Barrakuuda divers wait you to dive in clean waters of NW Saaremaa. You can dive withe seals, explore the shipwrecks and enjoy the beautiful underwater landscape of underwater limestone cliffs. Everything what divers, snorkelers and sealovers need we have there at Saaremaa. Diving equipment, Boats, Compressor, accommodation, sauna and off course the affordable cold beer what locals know how to make.

Get more information about diving in Estonia and contact us via email info@barrakuuda.ee or give us a call +372 56 978 810

Check out our diving resort located on the biggest island of Estonia www.adventurecenter.ee